About GMO

Our History

GMG (1992- ) with 25 years electric water heater(5.5L-120L) and gas water heater manufacture experience. In China, GMG is the 1st factory to gain the gas water heater production licence.

In 2006, on the basis of GMG 25 years electric water heater and gas water heater manufacture experience, GMO established the first enamel coating large storage water tank (50L-500L) factory in China.

In 2007, GMO water tank get the Australian WaterMark certificate, and pass 250,000 times fatigue test. Open the door to Australian Market.

In 2008, GMO developed many different type balcony wall-hang solar water tanks, like bullet type, fin type, coil type, and so on. And obtain the national core technology patent. GMO also begin the heat pump water heater design and R&D.

In 2009, GMO water tank passed 260,000 times fatigue test, which is the highest standard in China.

In 2010, GMO gradually enter the heat pump water tank market, and gas boiler water tank market. The 1st generation GMO heat pump series, solar water heater series begin to launch into the international market.

In 2011, GMO and Baosteel, GMO and Ferro, join hands to develop the special steel plate and enamel power for enamel coating water heater. It make values for the clients.

In 2012, GMO manufactured 500,000 sets large water heaters for the world.

GMO Begin All-in-one Heat Pump Water Heater Production

In 2013, GMO draft the Enamel Coating Water Tank Standard for China Standard.

In 2014, GMO join North American PEI ( Porcelain Enamel Institute).

Our Values

GMO is with a strong emphasis on the following core values:

1. R&D Electric Water Heaters, Solar Water Tank, Solar Water Heater For Customers According To Their Requirement. Provide The Strong Technology Support.

2. Manufacture Top Quality Products

3. Provide OEM Service

4. Make Values For Clients


GMO is regularly audited by Australian and local authorities to ensure adherence with product standards, labour laws, safety regulations and environmental requirements. We have obtained Australian Standards (AS4692, AS3498). Our factory is also certified to ISO9001:2008 management and production standards.

For more information on GMO visit www.gmohitech.com

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